Disconnect from Narcissistic Abuse and Start Healing Right Now!

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Learn how to disconnect from the narcissist’s chaos and drama, de-stress using self-regulation techniques, better understand the narcissist’s behavior and why you reacted the way you did, and define your boundaries and give yourself closure! Healing is going to be worth the effort!

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disconnect from your narcissistically abusive relationship

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Were able to set and hold strong boundaries for the sake of your health and wellbeing

Imagine if you….

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Could change your mindset and behavior to respond, not react, to the narcissist

Had no fear of retaliation or backlash from the narcissist because you had resources, a plan, and support

Had education & language to describe narcissistic abuse

Had the freedom, confidence, and peace to provide closure for yourself, practice self care, & achieve your goals

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I was able to develop better boundaries and communication skills and a strong healthy sense of self

“Lesley’s information regarding narcissistic abuse helped by encouraging me to develop self-awareness around my needs. I was able to develop better boundaries and communication skills and a strong and healthy sense of self, so that I will no longer be victimized by those who are manipulative and self-centered. Her teachings have helped liberate me and free me from the traumas of my past that were caused by the constant abuse and manipulation by my narcissistic father."

Shawyn Maley

Map out simple steps to follow

Provide accountability

Practice self-regulation

Create a customized closure plan

and end the cycle of stuckness so you can disconnect from narcissistic abuse to heal

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In our 1 hour coaching session, we will:

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This is NOT for you if:

You don’t need support or accountability

No or low contact is working great

You know the way to respond, not react to the narcissist

You already know how to self-regulate

You are able to identify, navigate, and heal, after narcissistic abuse

You want to know how to see patterns and respond clearly

This is for you if:

You wish there was a way to get closure

You need help setting and holding boundaries

You know that the narcissistic relationship isn’t healthy for you

You are sick of the cycle of stuckness

You want to heal from narcissistic abuse

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Disconnect from narcissistic abuse so you can heal right now!

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Accountability with email check-ins

Receive 1-on-1 support from a trauma-informed, master certified health coach and narcissistic abuse survivor

Get a customized plan to create closure

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I love that she is so focused on the healing

“I’ve dated them, been friends with them, and I’ve grown up with a narcissist. Lesley does a great job of dissecting the subject and is so encouraging to listen to as well. I love that she is so focused on the healing after you’ve experienced a narcissist.”

The Nicole J Smith

I love how she’s helping women

“Lesley is here for you if you need healing after narcissistic abuse. I love how she’s helping women get back to being confident, having healthy boundaries, and a more positive mindset.”

Shana Roberson

From childhood to adulthood, I rationalized toxic relationships and dysfunctional environments, in an effort to find connection, purpose, and success, and peace. I felt doomed to falling for the lies and manipulative tactics of narcissistic and toxic people in my life; and feeling alone, crazy, and stuck.

After years of betrayal, pain, shame, frustration, disappointments, tragedy, fear, health issues, time, and money spent, I finally figured out who and what I was dealing with.

Taking a holistic approach has helped me to break the cycle and heal my trauma, without permission or participation from the narcissists in my life.  

The deep healing work that I’ve done has given me greater clarity, sharper discernment, more confidence, stronger boundaries, healthier relationships, greater sense of purpose, and peace. 

I’m here to help you do the same.

Hey, Survivor! I’m Lesley


This session is conducted using a guiding style of coaching and a trauma-informed approach. You know yourself and your situation better than anyone. So, the focus and final outcome will be from YOU.

Every situation is different. And that’s why a customized solution is the best way to ensure your success. So, we will create your customized plan together.

This session is non-refundable.

All sessions will be conducted with cameras on.

You’ll receive a replay, after your session, with notes.

Your session can be tailored to support any treatment plan that your licensed healthcare provider has prescribed for you.

It’s difficult to trust others, when you’ve experienced narcissistic abuse. Your healing journey is yours; and you have to walk your path at your pace. You’re welcome to listen to the free content on The Vibrant Survivor Podcast; and you can schedule a session, when the time is right for you.

I can't wait to meet you!