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I'm a a St. Louis-born-and-raised Master Certified Health Coach, Certified Trauma Support Specialist, and narcissistic abuse survivor. I’ve been dealing with narcissistic abuse my entire life – even as a smart, educated, busy wife and mom!

From childhood to adulthood, CPTSD fueled my people-pleasing; and I wasn’t taught how to set healthy boundaries. As a result, I spent years feeling stressed, lonely, angry, depressed and stuck in toxic relationships and dysfunctional environments, where the elephant in the room wasn’t addressed and I felt too afraid to address it myself. A few years ago, I got a wake-up call that almost cost me my life…literally.  

While I was working on-camera as an actress, model, host, moderator, and raising my family, I fell for the lies and manipulations of users, who kept moving the goalposts – including an alleged murderer! This led me to the revelation of a lifetime of abuse in 2019.

In addition to going down a rabbit hole to figure out what had happened to me, I took a holistic approach to healing my childhood trauma. At that point, I had been a plant-based holistic health enthusiast for nearly 20 years. So, I added 2 certifications to a lifetime of experience; and here we are. Now, I’m dedicated to helping other survivors heal after narcissistic abuse.

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Chichi Ukomadu

I love Lesley's vulnerability in sharing her story. It's very relatable; and she provides practical solutions on how to identify narcissistic patterns and behaviors in critical relationships.


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